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  • Why Sensual Belly Dance and Sacred Yoga?

    Designed specifically for the female body, sensual belly dance coupled with sacred yoga help women deepen their connection to themselves by cultivating a strong sense of self. Drawing on ancient Taoist yoga principles and exotic Middle Eastern dance, reach into your soul and awaken the Goddess within.

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    "Welcome" in Turkish!
    I am the creative director of Oryantal, feminine embodiment practitioner. I have a family origin of Turkish and French heritage. I grew up in Cyprus as a young girl and from the early age of 8, discovered a love for the middle eastern music and dance as I immersed myself in the cultural traditions with my aunties, cousins and friends. I have been performing, teaching and making a huge difference to women’s well being over the last 15 years by being a mentor, a leader, a sister and a source of empowerment for women.


    "Özlem is a professional belly dance artist and choreographer with 14 years of training experience internationally as well as Melbourne, Sydney and most recetly the Northern Rivers of NSW."


    Read Ozlem's full Story here.

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  • Services

    Turkish Belly Dancing Workshop

    Experience authentic Turkish Belly Dancing with Ozlem
    A true taste of the exotic culture and deep spiritual dimensions.


    Access your feminine flow in this workshop which includes Yoga, Meditation and Belly Dancing for a deep enriching experience.


    Özlem invites you to participate in this class unlike any other. This workshop will teach you the essentials about traditional Turkish Belly Dance. Learn basic movement vocabulary, musical composition, rhythm, and timing to this rich culture that is rarely taught in it original form in today's modernized world.


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    Sacred women's circles

    A Magical Gift of Being Woman

    The gathering of women is an integral part of life. Women know other women and deeply learn to connect intimately.


    It’s a bond that forms on openness, love and trust. Women come together to be vulnerable, to explore their femininity and support each other in the full knowledge that the divine feminine that resides inside them is the same divinity in the other. Together, we strip back the layers of our different societal conditioning to lay our souls bare for the other women to nurture.

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    Özlem offers a variety of dream destination Belly Dance & Yoga retreats! You won’t find a more incredible way to enrich your dance or yourself! Let the healing power of dance, music, movement, breath and nature work its magic on you.


    Each year and each location is unique but one thing is for sure; Ozlem is going to combine the power of nature, healthy food, dance, yoga, meditation, music and human connection to offer you an unforgettable, life-changing experience.

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    Enquire about a class or call Ozlem on 0410 599 255.

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